Monday, August 30

Go Gadgets Aug 2010

Go Gadgets x 4 from August's Irish Times.

Aug 7: SealLine bags, SPOT tracking and cranking your own light.

Aug 14: The reborn Kindle, 3d print your own iPod jewellery and the built-in filtering Bobble.

Aug 21: The inflatable mattress full of holes, energy-saving slow-cooking and shades for reading.

Aug 28: mini speakers with big soundz, build your own bag and the crib you can bring with you.

Pod a Porter
All the pix are on Flickr.

Friday, August 20

Go Chairless in Public

Vitra are hosting a UGC  gallery of the Chairless: send in a shot of you un-chaired, so to speak and you can win a Chairless for a mate. I think.

"Once your photo of Chairless is uploaded - preferably in landscape format - and approved, you'll become #108 of the Chairless Community. And because that makes you one of the first Chairless People, you can give someone a free Chairless!"