Thursday, June 24

Go Gadgets column for The Irish Times

In all honesty, I actually don't need an incentive to trawl through technology magazines, gadget catalogues and outdoorsy activity stores. Let me say it loud and say it proud: I am a geek. But just recently, I have been given a most excellent excuse to browse with reckless abandon by starting a weekly technology column for the Go travel supplement of The Irish Times. (Thanks Orna.)

I'm going to cover all manner of travel-related gadgetry from holiday toys to road warrior kit to stuff (technical term) for the sublime outdoors. And I'm a guy who does like the odd hill. The odder the better.

The first week's trio of techno fripperies includes the Pogoplug, the Pango and the Playsport. Afraid you'll have to read June 12's Go Gadgets to get the spec-down on the three Ps.