Thursday, September 30

Go Gadgets, Sept 2010

September's haul of tech, toys and gizmos for the journey ahead.

It's a backpack. It's car seat. Clever BoostApak. Scratch my map. Hot vests from Quiksilver. All in Sept 4.

Poolmate. Wavebox. Wavetooth. It's like a puzzle where you have to connect the words in Sept 11.

A eureka moment in camera-carrying. What do you get when you cross a skateboard, snowboard and casterboard? The dawning of a digital address code for Ireland. From Sept 18.

And finally this month, the take-apart kayak; scuba googles with a camera; and looking the part for an Ironman in Sept 25.

Lots of pix from Go Gadgets and other stuff that happens Between Ideas here.