Friday, November 14

A couple of short films for Avoca

I recently had the opportunity to help Avoca tell its food story through a couple of short films I made. They were shot by young photographer,  Ben Rice McCarthy and edited at Intercuts by Hugh Chaloner. We'd only a couple of days in total behind the scenes in Avoca's Rathcoole and Bray kitchens. So thanks to the chefs, bakers and everyone there who made life easy as we got in their way; and to Monique McQuaid & Simon Pratt for voicing them.

As Monique says of Avoca's traditional approach to baking - "We don't do short cuts, because if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right."

"What sets Avoca ready meals apart is that they are made by hand and they are made by chefs... just the way you'd make them at home." - Simon