Tuesday, August 30

Shackleton's Mythical Ad

It seems that this legendary ad taken out by Irish adventurer, Ernest Shackleton might just be that: a legend. (Shock, horror 😱))

Smithsonian.com has a piece that despite extensive searching with a diligence Shackleton himself would have admired, no one can find any record of it appearing in print. Nor indeed, perhaps, even the 5,000 supposed applicants.

Apparently the archives of The Times from 1785 to 1985 (oh and he died in 1922), the South Polar Times, The Blizzard and the Geographical Journal among others have turned up nothing.

Good job then Shackleton was able to immortalise himself otherwise with what's probably the greatest survival adventure of all time after The Endurance became ice-locked. It culminated in his rescue of the entire crew from Elephant Island on this day 100 years ago, August 30, 1916.

Below is master-photographer,  Frank Hurley's famous "all safe, all well" shot of that rescue. Or is it?

Always print the legend.