Saturday, July 31

Go Gadgets for July 17, 24 & 31

Here's a quick catch-up of Saturday's Irish Times Go Gadgets columns for July.
July 17's Go Gadgets featured the GoPro Helmet Hero HD camera - for all action hero, POV filming of your own acts of daring-do; Burley's Travoy Urban Trailer - which gives your bike haulage power; and Clean Bottle which, well, is a bottle that's easy to clean. And that's harder than you might think. (Bit concerned about their advertsing strapline tho'.)

In the July 24 Go column, I looked at Chairless, a chair that's not a chair (and it works!); Satmap's excellent Active 10 handheld sat nav which Mountain Rescue here in Ireland have endorsed; and the Pocket Portable Shower.

And finally. July's last Go Gadgets on Sat, 31 had the daft or gift Teva Illum light-up flip-flops; an app so uv ur UVs sorted; and the ultimate discreet grooming Pocket Mirror, for use after your Pocket Shower no doubt.

More Go Gadgets pix here on Flickr.